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A New Start With Cosmetic Dentistry

Although recovery from drug abuse can be successful, the damaging effects can be long lasting.  One of the most obvious, lasting effects is damage to teeth; a condition most commonly seen in crystal meth and heroin addicts and referred to as “meth mouth.”

Dr. Peter Kyriakakis worked with patient Casey Kunishige to restore his smile after Casey won his long battle with crystal meth addiction.    The Honolulu Star Bulletin reported on it, you can read it here.

Drug abusers, particularly meth and heroin abusers don’t tend to take care of their teeth.  Ignoring teeth that are sick will lead to serious, life-threatening infections.

Dr. Peter extracted the worst of Casey’s 10 teeth and saved as much as he could so Casey would have some teeth left to eat with.  Dr. Peter fitted Casey with partial dentures for his upper front teeth and one for the lower back teeth.  The result; Casey has a natural looking, healthy smile.

In today’s world, people tend to judge others by their appearance.  People assume missing and rotten teeth are signs of drug abuse or extreme poverty, and can make it difficult to get a job or make new social connections.  Even when patients have gone through treatment and recovery, they can wear the effects of their past on their face.  A thorough dental treatment plan and cosmetic dental procedures often help to give patients the boost in confidence they need to face the world and move forward with their lives.